Postmodern is a Software Engineer by day, Security Researcher by night.

languages: ruby, javascript, C/C++, ASM, bash, XSL/XML
projects: chruby, ruby-install, ronin, spidr, ruby-nmap, rubygems-tasks, ore
tools: padrino, sinatra, datamapper, ffi, yard


My PGP key 0xB9515E77 can be securely downloaded from GitHub:

$ wget
$ gpg --import postmodern.asc
gpg: key B9515E77: public key "Postmodern Modulus III (Postmodern) <>" imported
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1

In order to verify that you have imported the correct key, run the following command:

$ gpg --fingerprint 0xB9515E77
pub   1024D/B9515E77 2009-09-18
      Key fingerprint = 04B2 F3EA 6541 40BC C7DA  1B57 54C3 D9E9 B951 5E77
uid                  Postmodern Modulus III (Postmodern) <>
sub   4096g/4BD91DF0 2009-09-18

Make sure to verify that the “Key fingerprint” matches.