Introducing OpenNamespace

2010 / 09 / 03 — autoload, namespace, ruby

I have always liked how frameworks such as Rails can autoload Classes. I wanted to provide similar behavior in Ronin and other frameworks, so I created the OpenNamespace library.

OpenNamespace allows namespaces to require and find classes and modules from RubyGems. Using OpenNamespace you can make a Plugins module able to load plugin modules/classes from other gems.

More specifically, OpenNamespace does not need to know where the files are, it just guesses the file path based on the constant name, attempts to require it then finds the constant in the namespace.

$ gem install open_namespace


require 'open_namespace'

module Project
  module Plugins
    include OpenNamespace

Explicitly load constants:

Project::Plguins.require_const :foo_bar
# => Project::Plugins::FooBar

Explicitly load constants with odd capitalization:

Project::Plugins.require_const :tcp_session
# => Project::Plugins::TCPSession

Explicitly load constants via sub-paths:

Project::Plguins.require_const 'templates/erb'
# => Project::Plugins::Templates::Erb

Implicitly load constants via const_missing:

# => Project::Plugins::Other



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